I have been away from blogging for about a month an a half. Not because I had not much to say, as I have done in fakebook and instaglam, for example, but more cause not much time for this, and thats not cool at all! I like sharing new projects, shootings and all kind of news in general, you know, but it takes time, its a conplete job itself, so sometimesis harder that other times, and so itis nowadays. Im preparing at least 4 different projects/plans that you will slowly know from not till beginning lf next year, and I am excited about them all :) 

Here I show you few photos from the latest photoshoots with those light neoprene pieces on black and white and that everybody is loving so much. 

Skirt is SOLD OUT already but these two sweaters are still available, at the markets, by email (thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com) others at Coexist Berlin and soon at The Optimistic Store, both official stockist in Berlin. 

Promise to blog at least once morethis week. 

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