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I have said before, probably many times before, that even I do have clear ideas of what I want from the early begining, what I enjoy more and celebrate better is when things come out in a different way that, somehow, complete the original conception. 
That is what have been happening with the T-dresses. Originally conceived as a female dress, slowly have become a large tshirts for taller girls or regular tshirts for men. 
I personaly wear men clothes, or men-styled items, such as big shirts, suit trousers and deck shoes, so I can say I do not see a genre on any garment. But anyhow, now, sinze some months now, with some experiences in between, I can define The Bronze Medal as a 90% unisex brand. 

So here today I show you a couple more of those Tshirt/dresses, these from the White Noise project, hoping to finish aaaaall the website details to show you properly everything before the end of the year. 

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