Deep Red Glace

I rescure today this glossy tee/dress already SOLD OUT ... but that I love so much and hope is giving some shine to the french girl who bought it <3

but camo shorts still available at DEPOP STORE and ON SALE!! 


Feeling like pink

Why not? 

Colorful chiffon sweater is SOLD. Fluffy pink shorts are still available and ON SALE at DEPOP STORE.
Or email me to--> thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com 


Going Digital

So yeah... just started this crazy thing yesterday...still testing, experiemnting and trying to figure out, but already some pieces online to, at least, check. 

Gonna gradually upload new trial-and-error photos and digital designs (which I do not have any idea at the moment). So basically having fun while learning and so on. 

Thats it ! 

Ah, yeah... that stuff in there is TO BUY (money, money, money, moooooney!) 


A W A K E --------- A W A R E

To rouse from sleep. 
To stir up. 
To become alert. 
To become aware or cognizant. 
Completely conscious; not in a state of sleep.

A W A R E 

Black PL top is SOLD OUT. Bourdeaux faux leather shorts are still available at depop store.



An act of traveling from one place to another//

//A long and often difficult process of personal change and development

Black silk top available at the markets. 
Bourdeaux faux leather shorts ON SALE available at depop store and at the markets. 


The Mesh Tunics V

Just going a bit more onwards The Mesh Label Collection II and the tunics issue. 
And why not, also to mention: THE TUNICS FOR MEN. 

Diferent shape gives somehow a different vibe. Even still so simple.