This fabric was left aside because there were some print mistakes, and it just came out wrong so I rescued it from the side cause I think its even prettier than any other previous idea. Just because it was spontaneous. 


Chiffon blouse and jeans shorts are SOLD but...blouse is available on it blacky version....... 


O N I G I R I pieces almost all gone

This fabric had supper succes 'cause all pieces made we gone as soon as they lefty the atelier! even so... why not to post a couple of pics? 

Tee and shorts from the O N I G I R I project. 

But already working on some more :) Just got new fabrics ! 



CAMO Shorts

BLACK AND GREY ! Pockets and elastic waist on black.

Get them on depop store or wait a bit 'cause...



Faux Leather shorts


Last shorts of the season will be on sale from next week and on.


If you cannot wait or take the risk of losing them, go to depop store to get them ! 


White Noise and Red Wine

The White Noise is back? NO! IT NEVED HAS LEFT !! 

These two tees/dresses are available at The Optimistic Store (Mitte-Berlin) and red grape shorts available at depop store (and soon on sale) 

And I can just tell you more there is more White Noise to come. WATCH OUT !! 


Next date: The Wardrobe

THE WARDROBE is a curated line-up of Berlin's top fashionistas and vintage collectors ready to offer you exclusive bargains on their private selection of stylish clothes and accessories.

The Bronze Medal gotta be there with some new cutties See you at Platoon Kunsthalle - Schönhauser Allee 9, 10119 Berlín

Saturday 12th july, From 14h till 22h. 

SELLERS LINE-UP (main hall & worklounge)

Victoria Ophelia

Diana Alonso

Diego S. Pontecorvo / SAY IT 

Juan & Anna / Yesterday's Blues 

Zuza Jeske

Corrina Goutos

Paoletto & Arcana / AXCAN
Tali Berger / TALI MALLO 



Starting a new project is soooo exciting!

It is about Egypt at the moment, and basicly old aesthetics from that area about 5000 years ago and on. Trying a new-modern-or whatever view, more casual some times probably, but will see.... :)  Decided this after realizing how much I do like gold and glitter and shiny stuff anf basicly loving mostly all combinations of colors with gold. 

As I always say... I develop ideas and just go on showing what I have been doing, do not wait till having an hermetic "collection" cause all my projects are aaaalways open to changes, new ads and subsequent ideas and developments. 

Both pieces, sweater and shorts are available at The Optimistic Store (Rochstrasse, 17. Berlin) 

Top/tunic is sold out atm 

Top/tunic is sold out atm

Top/tunic is sold out atm


The first Mesh Collection

Last summer I could not finish all the pieces I wanted to make under The Mesh Label Collection project and, as I always say, at The Bronze Medal we do not follow any other thing that the projects themeselves, they are always open and not limited by seasons, years or trends. So, I finished this year all those items and they will be available very soon. 

Mini dress

Mini Dress 

Tee and skirt 

Sleeveless blouse and shorts

Sleeveless blouse and shorts

Sleeveless blouse and shorts