Starting a new project is soooo exciting!

It is about Egypt at the moment, and basicly old aesthetics from that area about 5000 years ago and on. Trying a new-modern-or whatever view, more casual some times probably, but will see.... :)  Decided this after realizing how much I do like gold and glitter and shiny stuff anf basicly loving mostly all combinations of colors with gold. 

As I always say... I develop ideas and just go on showing what I have been doing, do not wait till having an hermetic "collection" cause all my projects are aaaalways open to changes, new ads and subsequent ideas and developments. 

Both pieces, sweater and shorts are available at The Optimistic Store (Rochstrasse, 17. Berlin) 

Top/tunic is sold out atm 

Top/tunic is sold out atm

Top/tunic is sold out atm

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