From now on, I am gonna start collectin/asking people, ASKING YOU GUYS! to send me a picture, or let me take it by myself, of you wearing The Bronze Medal. Face / faceless, absolutely free, of course! 

By now, these are the ones I have. Hopefully many more an the way. So here I invite you, if you want, to join in and share your own bronze-look, you are more than welcome! please send me the image to thebronzemedalapparel@gmail.com or message me in facebook site

Thanks to these guys here, and thanks to all costumers in general, for supporting and the kind words. 

Jan wearing the "black-bleck-blick-block-bluck" textured print tshirt, and looking very cool at his bathroom in Barcelona. 

Lena wearing the "draw a blank" top on her own way, very different looks!

 Photos via Lena's instagram.

Noe enjoying the sun in Bristol wearing a special piece: her scarf-snood. 
Photo via Instagram. 

A gentleman drinking white wine somewhere in Italy and letting his "black-bleck-blick-block-bluck" geometric sateen sweater shine shine shiiiineeee! 
Photo via Instagram. 

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