Go Graphic !

Just a break between the smooth and the textures,  two of the basic principles of The Bronze Medal, but still on the black and white
I would say, maybe even say again, if you do not know yet, that I go for the harmony, the clarity, the innocence, the simplicity, the brightnes. And even so I have used graphics before, of course, I feel a total difference here. Maybe on the chaos of the print. I cannot tell. Maybe it already was a bit like that on the White Noise serie, but somehow it was on the course. 

I guess I will have to explain some day what is actually the course about, or what it means to me or even what do I want to explain. But, you know, "to define is to limit"  (Oscar Wilde in "Picture of Dorian Gray") and I presume I am still looking for that, in any case. 

Both pieces are sold already, but still working with these fabrics. 

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