Tropical Silk

I know I said summer is gone, and so it is, but I had a crush on this fabric and needed to make a sinple dress out of it. Also, I take the chance to remak that, actually, last weekend was the last reminiscnece from summer, as some say, because the week started straight with rain, again. Talking now more about this silk dress, gotta say thar the greens are so intense that the contrast between the body and the black and white trees sleeves make it look even cooler. Made it last week, and it was sold in three days ! To do not miss your chance to get a piece that you fall in love with, have a look at the online shop, visit me at Mauerpark fleamarket on sundays if you are in Berlin (new Berliner markets on the horizon, will tell in the early future) or write me directly an email to the address that you can find at the website (still not launched).

P.S: Dress was sold to a very stylish guy, that looked awesome on it. Word. 

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