Walking into The Light

Even we just had in mind make a simple and quick set, we found this awesome sunset light that made possible this result. I love when this happens... these photos remind me of a film frame. 

Out of any of my current projects, I found this light blue galactic fabric and I had to buy it and make something...I knew somebody would like it, and so it did, because it is already sold. Now actually I have some more left and already had a new idea for it, but will see how it grows.  

This moment also ilustrates a bit my situation today: I am going to the country side for some days, half for resting, half for working. Relax and regain strenght a bit, but still brain and hands ON, while refreshing ideas and put a few things clear:  no machines, just hands and some materials  and hand-tools I will bring with.

All pictures by Del Yelmo Photography, described as Urban Astronaut 

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