As many or most or at leas some, let's say, ideas and posts here come by accident, or chance, so that happened here. While making photoshoot for some black, bleck, blick, block, bluck pieces, we used one pf those fake nose with glasses and nose, all in one, and we actually loved the shoot. And after, checking them all, i loved it even more. And so with that sweater it seemed to work perfectly, as you have many times heard me say "as it was ment to be". Straightaway, I thought about a bird, and started to look for birds images on google and found this beauty one, called turaco.

Following the wikipedia entry, the turacos are noted for peculiar and unique pigments. The turacos are brightly coloured birds, usually blue, green or purple. The green colour in turacos comes from turacoverdin, the only true green pigment in birds known to date. 
They are gregarious birds that do not migrate. Many species are noisy, their go-away-birds common name refers to being especially noted for their piercing alarm calls, which alert other fauna to the presence of predators or hunterscommon name refers to this

This black-bleck-blick-block-bluck sweater is already sold out, and it was an unique piece, but you can have a look at the other models here and maybe fall in love with another one, or directly checking whats for sale at the online shop.

Violet Turaco (source

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