Intercom Telephone

We had the possibility to make a photoshoot at a really old friends house, and we found really sprecial to make a vintage style, set on the 70s.  

I chose this white outfit because I think it is more than suited to the wallpaper-door-intercome corner we chose,  and how the pictures were gonna be taken.

I think it all came together synergistically in a spectacular way, almost natural. Going to be, in principle, almost anything improvised, to be a perfectly designed bearing.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
 You maybe find this two-pieces outfit familiar, and you are right, it is the white version of this. And, as you see too, i combined this jersey with a long dress yesterday, on this post.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
 And so, as well, now you can have it HERE ! It is a piece that people is interested on quite a lot, but some of them find it a bit expensive, and I just say: anyone else is gonna wear the same as you. I was checking the prices on the "megacorporation" brands, those who make uniforms for us, so that we look exactly the same, and so we can feel we belong to soemthing, or whatever, and those prices are exactly same, and with some pieces higher. I say "look, i am my own boss, I dont want to be the worst boss in the world and exploit myself and pay myself ridiculous amount of money for my work.

It is our decission, but we should think about all this a litte longer, from time to time. At the end, a person who questions my job, is not the customer I want, because he/she can not appreciate things.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

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