Morning Afternoon

Following with the lazy idea, but not in a really sense of being just laying somewhere, I was thinking about those sundays when you wake up in a natural way, you stretch in bed, get up, maybe shower or just refresh your face, put a comfortable loose skirt on, and your favourite jersey, walk the corridor till the kitchen, and prepare yourself the best brunch ever (when there was no body else to do it for you), and maybe prepare a sweet snack for later ... I was thinking about those sundays, basically, because I just miss them, and because those sundays in my life just happen in winter. 

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
Long skirt, semi transparent, with floral pattern in red, black, white, blue and green. Easy to combine with almost any color. Material is viscose and metal, which shines with movement subtly.

Jersey is white cotton, woven so as to have very small forming diamonds. Also a bit translucent.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography

Below, skirt and jersey detail. Where you can see the elastic at the waist (skirt has one too, but in black).

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography

There is still the possibility to buy thE top piece in my online shop.  You can get the jersey, as a total look with its culotte, or separated. Skirt will be available online soon.

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