The Summer Vibe

Summer is for the sun, the bike, the picnics, the holidays, the mountain, the campings, take pictures, get naked, sweating, hair up, swiming, eat watermelon, fanning, naps after lunch, the festivals, be with friends, be in love. Summer is for the white color and the minimalism on your outfits.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

What are your plans for summer? My summer looks busy. Looks like working a lot on different projects with/for totally different people, which I love, and I do not see proper holidays in the horizon. I do see some trips, but a half  pleasure, half working.

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 

This dress is simple white net fabric, babydoll style, tied with a thin plastic tube belt. Ideal to combine with shorts or leggins as a blouse, tight dress underneath, a tanktop, or just how it is! Great for the beach or the lake. Fresh and comfortable. And if you love  it, you can have it at my online shop.  

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