Le Parisien

I like to use unusual fabrics and materials to make clothes. I specially love all kind of curtains fabrics. There is a stall in my Berlin's neighborgood market, where I usually look for different curtain types and I regulary find at least one or two interesting ones. I had a crush with this one here, also used for this blouse and this top. I got there too other one that I used to represent the summer here and to represent a modern amphibian/half siren, not fully sure about description. 

For this photoshoot we wanted to reflect a kind of easy going, relaxed, mood, that we achieved with the interior shooting and the late afternoon light. Barefoot we also wanted to make it more interesting and creative, adding some elements as music and paintings. 

Photoshoot took place at the artist Saymoon Art atelier in Le Marais, Paris. 

Electric blue bodysuit is second hand, and shorts are of course from The Mesh Label Collection, not available at the onlineshop by now. 

Painting is made by artist Saymoon Art 

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