Basketball Shirt

I am a absolute fan of loose and big clothes, such as sweaters and men shirts that I use as dresses, and that is one of the reasons why I like warm weather: the fact of wearing long shirts and anything else, all day long, even to ride my bike. On the other hand, simple cuts are always a nice and safe bet and cotton looks and feels good on the skin, so that was the main reason to make a small serie/collection basketball shirts pattern dresses with elastic belts under The Bronze Medal Apparel, to combine simplicity with comfort without forgettting about the female body shape. 
So I made three colors, and today I wanna show you the dark green dress with the electric-blue and black belt. 
As it is having a warm welcome already in Berlin markets, it is not gonna be available at the onlineshop by now. 

All pictures by Del Yelmo Photography

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