Bring the Mediterranean

From the Latin Mar Medi Terraneum, meaning "sea in the middle of the land", known for the Romans as the Mare Nostrum, "Our Sea". The Mediterranean Sea has been a key to the history, witnessed battles for control of its coasts and its navigation.
And because of this common history, there are somehow similarities between the different populations bathed by this sea. The Mediterranean culture is a fact, including at the highest artistic and literary productions to more everyday customs. One of its most striking peculiarities is its warm climate, and this makes possible the warm-blood-character of the population and the food from the region. 
A mediterranean is addicted to which the sea provides without even being aware of it until it has been far and misses. The mediterranen manners are different, and we realize when we are away. 

I wanted to make this introduction because is need to be said, that as I had this fabrics in my hands, some ideas came to my mind: olives and grapes; oil and wine. So this had to be this way. 
By chance, in my friend's kitchen they hava a crazy wall paper that actually represents a coast, seen from some kind of terrace. 
You might remember this fabric, in other colors combination, from this post and from this one too. I just decided to get all the colors availables and make a complete serie of these, because seems like people are loving them! even though not being unique pieces, there might be just a limited edition not decided yet, but around 5 from each color and, of course, signed by The Mesh Label Collection. By now, not available in the online shop, just available for direct purchase in Berlin. 

All pictures are taken by Del Yelmo Photography, with the help of Óscar Rey

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