Having the blog is really cool because that allows me to explain and show large photoshoots from the clothes, but there is a need as well to have a static kind of thing, such as a website. So that is what I am working on right now. I am using  the same image I used for the blog coming soon, because I loved it! 
Besides this, I am working too on The Bronze Medal profile at the great desogners platform Not Just a Label, where I found loads of awesomeness. I have to revognize I felt a little overwhelmed because of that, but then I thought "f*ck off! why not? I am able to make The Bronze Medal as awesome as its name says". The truly bronzes are not afraid of not being the golden ones, they so not want to anyway.

So, yeah, I am pretty busy these days, but still saving some time for showing you some new pieces this week. STAY TUNED !

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