The Amphibian

My friend came from London to participate in a performances festival happening in Berlin in the month of may. So we could not miss the chance to have some bright and awesome pictures with her wearing some pieces from The Mesh Label Collection. She and photographer got really into it, and we were done in about 20 minutes !!

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography

This post is about the sea, about the sea in clear and shiny summer. About fishes and about sunbathe. But it is more than that, and it has deeper meaning.

In Wikipedia -> Greek ἀμφí, amphi, "both" + βíος, bios, "life". 
So it is about this two possibilities of life as well. And so about the metamorphosis that they experience. I found their "story" quite interesting. Amphibians were the first vertebrates to adapt to a life semiterrestrial. And because of that, they have been, let's say, changing.  Their evolution never stop and i would dare to say it will not, they might resist life on an hypothetically planet almost covered by water, for example.

Their skin is the key: with no hair, it protects them from sun abrasion, absorve and release water, and contributes through pigmentation changes and the secretion of substances through this, the control of body temperature. And, of course, something that we all know, that skin often acts as a defense or deterrent against predators, possessing a number of poison glands or warning pigmentation.

Short, the amphibians are a huge source of artistic inspiracióbn in all areas, I believe it is possible to express these capabilities and features that these animals have, in many media and formats, and perform analogies. Working on that !!!

Picture by Del Yelmo Photography 
You might remember the top, already used the top for The Lazy post. It is white net and has a dyed frayed jean pocket at the left side.
She took the leggins with her because they looked were ment to her body, so not available anymore, but you can still get the original and unique top HERE ! and combine it everytime in a different way. Surprise yourself wearing transparent this summer! Here in north Europe you have to be sure to make the most on the warm weather, and so with the warm-side of your wardrobe. It is not a delicate piece, so you can wear it for the beach, the mountain....everywhere !

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