Palm Beach

Festival mood

I apologize because I did not updated the blog in the last five days, but I was busy preparing new pieces, and creating a very special dress that you will hopefully see really soon. 

So, following the summer vibes that mostly all of us have, and the festival atmosphere all around us, my proposal this time is a shiny-gold-cotton outfit, perfect for this summer, looking awesome combined with rubber boots for facing the common mud grounds at festivals, or just to protect the feet. This two-pieces outfits consist of a baggy-loose top and a adaptable culotte, that makes it absolutelly fresh and comfortable to freely dance in every dance floor, while sunbath. 

Photography by David Gómez

Photography by David Gómez

Photography by David Gómez

This outfit has a discount because of summer sales, included in our
 WILD SALES! Not available in the online shop, just available for direct sale at berliner markets. 

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