Wir sin die Roboter

Tribute to Kraftwerk 

Pioneers in electronic music. And when i say "electronic music" I mean proper electronic, 100%. Introducing inovative equipments, loving synths, using vocoders, and other things never used for music before. They probably made possible the elctronic music. And because they made a thing from the neon too. 

I need to mention too, that I am looking forward to see this 3D video-installation at the Sprue Thmagers Berlin to see what kind of crazy invention they made this time. I have seen some images already, and I would describe them absolutely their style. With all this re-vival of old times, all this kind of antique and old-fashioned images are now at the top of the hypes, but on their case, the Kraftwerk project just remain the same, it remains on how it started almost fourty years ago. 

Yeah, all this was an excuse to say that I wanna watch this video, plus I remembered I made this pulli-dress already some time ago, from an vintage short leave jumper, just adding metallic blue long-sleeves. And I have to recognize that it straight reminded me to Kraftwerk, and nothing else. 

Of course, there is no chance to avoid the event of this weekend: the Melt! Festival, place to be for electronic music lovers... not with Kraftwerk, but yes with all those already hyper-known-names. Any other thing you do this weekend,anywhere else you do it, please, ENJOY IT! 

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