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The  Mesh Label Collection is based in a few rules, let's say. The foundation is the material. The principles are: at its 75% pale colors as white, grey, or pale pink and the use of all kind of clear, translucent, lucid, crystallin, vitreous, thin, sheer fabrics or materials. The lines and patterns are simple. The Mesh Label Collection is proclaims minimal outfits. 
It was actually a lucky find, unexpected. I never thought about all this until I started to work on other stuff, and I found how meaningful this kind of materials are. 

So, all this just to show some interesting pieces from other designers. I already knew Paskal and Seiya Chen (thanks to Susie Bubble and her blog), but thanks to Not Just a Label (community that I am about to join soon) I recently met This is the Uniform, a UK based new brand, pretty interesting silk pieces that I appreciate. 

Sometimes I think that if I am trying to make a wearable clothing for women, transparent garments are maybe a bit too much, and that it is just possible on catwalks and so on, but no, is really pleasant to see how many other designer interpretate this and theis proposals to the real day-by-day apparel. Now i think is just a matter of time maybe, that we get use to this kind of clothes by introducing little by little some pieces and combinig with also other clothes underneath, for example, because it is not all about showing your body. 

I also have to say, that I did not get inspired by any of these designs and graphics, I just found them similar, so I chose them for this first post about inspiration. By now my only inspiration are the materials I find. By now I work on materials that I randomly find, not on planned desings. 

This is the Uniform 

Source: Not Just a Label


Source: Not Just a Label

Seiya Chen 

Source: Style Bubble

The Mesh Label Collection

This shorts are made by white net fabric (initially courtains fabric) and the graphics on the bottoms are pieces cutted out of potatoes mesh bag, material that brought the inspiration for the name of this clothing line.

P.s: I don't do cola, I do ice-coffee ;)

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