Roses to the Fir

As I said, here are the color pictures slected from the Roses to the Fir photoshoot. 
Just to remember that skirt an cape are designed and made by The Bronze Medal for The Mesh Label Collection. The grey chiffon skirt is already sold and the pale linen cape is not for selling at the moment, but you can still have a look at the online shop and see if something else fits with your style! And also that all pictures are made by Del Yelmo Photography, The Bronze Medal apparetly official photograper! 

It was funny, this weekend i met the gork who bought the skirt and she wore it last week twice! happy about her delight wearing it, and she also mentioned that some guy told her "I can see you". Yeah,"I can see you too" I said. That is the Mesh Label Collection philosophy. 

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