L'architecture de la Haute Couture

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Standing these last days in the fascinating Barcelona, I attended the Festival of all Design (FadFest), that concentrates industrial design, graphic design and visual communication, architecture and interior design, fashion, art and crafts. FAD is a private, independent and non-profit association that has the objective of promoting design all of kinds.

Between all this different ways of expression, sometimes clever and sometimes funny, sometimes classic and sometimes laternative and new wave design, there was a section that I specially liked based on handicrafts-artisans items.

And the I found this magnificent plastic structured dress. Vaillo + Irigaray architects  presented this amazing dress called L'architecture de la Haute Couture. Being selected for Fadfest competition, this piece was awarded with other design prices in 2013.  Unavoidably i had to think about corsets, and it remind me as well the ballet dresses, the ballerinas outfit, and also somehow a suit of armor. All in one. I am not sure about what they were actually thinking or what do they exactly want to explain, besides the construction of a dress as they normaly make buildings or installations models, but for me, maybe because my critic eyes, I directly saw the ficticiuous in the plastic and the estrict standards in the hardness of its lines, of the world of fashion; probably not all of it, but let's say most of it or the eighty percent of it.

I leave the argue here, just letting you analyse and think what do you see here.

L'architecture de la Haute Couture by Vaillo + Irigaray
L'architecture de la Haute Couture by Vaillo + Irigaray
L'architecture de la Haute Couture by Vaillo + Irigaray

P.S: of course, there is a fashion section in FAD (Modafad), and today actually is the fashion awards event.

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