Whatever comes next, comes in blue

Still not 100% sure about the next pieces coming out from The Bronze Medal Apparel and The Mesh Label Collection, buy by now I can tell there is gonna be a lot of blue! These are not gonna become into winter garments, rather in somethig that on the business they call Collection Crucero in the sense of between seasons. In this case, I would say it might be a new experiment, new attemps to get somewhere else, with colors. As usual, I did not think about it, i just follow impulses, get inspiration from textures, thikness and thinness, tact, light and darkness...anf from there, work on shapes. 

Cotton, wool, lurex, polyester, metal. All tones of blue. Flat and print. Not navy but yes swinging on a north-coast image, probably mixed with deep green in some cases. Will see. 

I loved the result from The Amphibian photoshoot, for example, all bluish. So probably that was already the precedent. How knows, I cannot tell. 

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